1. Jacco

    Now those are TOTALLY my scene!

    It’s also interesting that in those days, when a young man probably had even more ‘macho culture’ laid on him than nowadays, men sought release in images of men being utterly dominated by women.

    I’d say such images also creep into our popular culture nowadays, though popular culture seems to be in denial. Pop culture says: “men want to see submissive little (in all senses) women” then in the next breath it’s “right, now that’s cleared up, here’s an action movie featuring a military trained female martial artist, or a high-kicking, whip-cracking supervillainess in a catsuit. Or maybe a fantasy yarn with a sexy sorceress queen weaving her evil magic on her helpless victims…”

    The average man will dip his toe in, maybe paddle in the shallow end of Femdom themes, before retreating to safety, reassuring himself that it was “only a bit of sassiness” all along. After all, women aren’t MEANT to be all strong and scary, right? And I’m NORMAL!”

    Men like us however, are proud and open, at least with ourselves, and dive headlong, immersing ourselves in the deep end. Cherishing this lifelong source of limitless bliss!! =)

    • Thank you once again, Jacco, for the excellent comment. I couldn’t agree more and even Femdom sites suffer from dualism, I think. Take Men in Pain and Divine Bitches for example. At the end of the movie both Lady and slave appear in front of the camera in perfect harmony. Reassuring us that there’s no such thing as Femdom, that’s it’s all foreplay. Or whatever it is they’re trying to say. Proclaiming you are one of the best Femdom sites and at the same time reassuring us that’s it’s all a fantasy, I really don’t understand that.
      Powerful Women are widely accepted in books, magazines, movies and even commercials nowadays. And you’re absolutely right: most guys love it, but keep their distance. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, the male will always be on top as far as they are concerned. Even my brother, who thinks I’m a complete idiot for being submissive, visits (soft) Femdom sites quite frequently and loves it. How weird is that.

      • Jacco

        This is why I’ve never felt that the ‘BDSM community’ is for me. I know this is a generalisation but it always strikes me that they’re concerned with social acceptance to the point where their kinks develop a cosy, domestic feel that to me just isn’t stimulating. They also claim ownership of the predilection, speaking in a tone that asserts them as the authentic, ‘real Mccoy’, but I don’t feel that I recognise my own passion in what I see. Femdom is presented in a benign & wholesome form which sacrifices the whole taboo-buzz that is it’s essence.

        Hope I don’t sound too harsh, obviously different folks get off on different things. Maybe I just haven’t yet found a corner of that scene where my taste is represented. I don’t want to be unfair to them but just being honest.

        From what I’ve read, I get the impression that if I was to describe my tastes & fantasies to a BDSM community spokesperson they’d say “oh dear no, that’s not what we’re about. We’re about loving commitment & the ladies in those scenarios don’t seem to have much love for you!”

        I much prefer your exquisite pulp covers!! =)

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