1. Jacco

    I’m imagining what the story to pic no. 11 might be…

    “Make yourself useful will you? Get on the floor and check that connection”.

    “No, down there, obviously… that’s it… lower…”

    *SNAP* “uuurrgh!”

    “HAHA!” (manageress reaches for phone)

    “Hi! Get the girls to come into my office for a moment, I’ve got something funny to show you all. Yeah, it’s that new temp, whatsizname. Yeah, you know I said he’d better learn his place pretty soon…”

    Thanks Jan! 🙂

    • Hahaha, yes indeed, it will be something like that! I’ve already prepared a post on Office Femdom. Such a shame the world isn’t ready for that yet. A company run by dominant Ladies, where men work their ass off 12 hours a day, six days a week. Anyway, I’ve prepared all that already, so I must not get carried away, hahaha

      • Jacco

        TBH that probably is happening in a few places – the irony is that the men in those particular offices aren’t that that way inclined to enjoy it!

        I look forward to that post anyway!

        • Haha, yes, you’re probably right about that. Each and everyone of us has worked – one time or another – with a demanding, bossy Female manager. I’ve worked with several of them, but they didn’t know anything about my submissive feelings, which made working with them rather difficult (if not annoying). My dream is a company (FEMCOM – Femdom Company). You can’t work there if you’re not truly submissive, in fact that’s the key element in your job-description. Hehehe, such a lovely fantasy.

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