1. Jacco

    Ooh… much appreciated Jan, now I’M drooling as much as they are!

    I have persuaded ladies to gob in my drink before, what I really love witnessing though are street spitters. I love the various noises it makes, from the moment of release to the hard SPLAT when it hits the pavement.

    It can be shot out with a powerful PFFT sound if it’s a horizontal like in pic no. 6, which need some serious force behind them if they’re going to hit the face of the standing subject.

    I also like the oozy vertical ejection, I recently witnessed a young businesswoman type with a nice behind in a smart black trouser suit do one of those and it made a particularly slimy slurpy squirty sound. Damn that was juicy. I was walking behind her so was able to look at the delicious offering as it glistened there.

    Now I’m reminiscing, I was sitting outside a supermarket and a petite lass who I didn’t know stood v close to me, smoking and gobbing on the floor right next to me for about 10 minutes. She obviously wasn’t remotely bothered that I was at her feet and by the time she strolled off I had quite a sizeable slobber puddle next to me.

    Oh, and she threw her soggy little rollup end on the ground next to me too, quite a pleasant little parting present!

    I like to see a woman who chucks her cigarette ends down in the street too, but it’s not quite as wonderful as phlegm! 🙂

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