1. Jacco

    Yeah, there’s a time and a place for gentle domination too…I like being hand fed- like a pet. Quite tender really.

    But shoed trampling is a different matter, I once worked in a second hand shop and one day a couple of girls were drafted in to help out. It wasn’t long before one of them, Gail, decided to knock my pot of little plastic sizing rings (to go on coat hanger hooks) all over the carpet. As I crawled on the floor to tidy them up, the callous girl deliberately stepped on my fingers and I smarted as she stood over me, mocking, with her trainer heel keeping me pinned where she obviously thought I belonged!

    The only thing was, if it had been her friend, Sabrina, it would have been even more brutal as she had chunky leather heels on. To compensate however, Gail made sure she delivered a sharp punch to my arm before the day was out. The pain was surprisingly acute, such strength for such a petite thing!

    We weren’t friends or anything, they were just cheeky girls who thought it was funny. When people said “you don’t even get paid for working in that place, what do you get out of it?” I’d just smile to myself…

    I love how there was such a distinct lack of charity in this ‘charity shop’! =D

    • Thank you again for the wonderful comment and for sharing the lovely story, excellent! What these lovely Girls did WAS charity, I would say, hehehe. Pinning a man down by stepping on his hands or fingers is something I’m going to write about in the upcoming months. Because, as you said, it’s a rather gentle form of domination, and I love that.

      Somewhere during my very first session I was down on my knees and one Mistress stepped on my hands, while the other stepped on my foot soles. Sandwich Suffering so to speak. They talked with each other about trivial things for quite a while, rubbing their boots from left to right from time to time. I couldn’t move, couldn’t go back or forward, couldn’t go left or right. It was awesome. So simple, so effective and so lovely.

      Yeas,there’s so much more to Femdom than whips and canes!

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