1. avob

    Happy new fetish year, full of submission and leather
    The boots are the ultimate weapon symbol of real mistresses.
    They are her power and sensuality in same time! Stiletto or riding, it is always a privilege to be used or forced to lick the mistress leather boots because it means she considers you as Her slave so in a way, she cares for you but just to be at her service. I am so happy and excited when my mistress (she is my wife) orders me to lick and clean her boots she wore all day long. And she finishes me under her soles i have to lick clean too while i am wanking hard until come!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, it’s much appreciated.
      I agree, boots are by far the most powerful and overwhelming symbol of Female Superiority.
      Licking, kissing and cleaning them is truly the treats of all treats.
      So I wish you and your Mistress a Booty New Year, make them shine 🙂

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