1. Princess Jennifer takes money for fan requests and does not fulfill her obligation, and then keeps the money. She is a common criminal that takes advantage of fans. Its a shame that people like this are allowed to carry on as a so called femdom model/actress were all they are is a petty thief waiting to steal giving the femdom internet world a bad name. I suggest if you are a person looking to give your money to someone for something in return that you bypass this sorry excuse of a human. I have been doing transactions on the internet for many years, the experience with her was by far the most disappointing and aggravating event I had to deal with.

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s hard to judge about something like this, knowing only one side of the story. But there’s often more to it then meets to eye, I’m afraid. I paid a fair share of tributes over the years, and I did it to honour a Lady, not because I expected something in return. And I certainly never, ever saw it as a transaction. But I’ve also been on the wrong side of a promise several times; paying for things that never came. It sucks and it made me feel grumpy for a couple of days. But I knew it was about to happen sooner or later on the roulette table called Internet. That’s why I prefer to walk a thousand miles to give the money or presents in person. Even it’s over and done with in minutes; it’s always a billion times more rewarding.

      There’s a lot of anger in your comment and things like common criminal, petty thief and sorry excuse of a human are really quite offensive. Besides, if there’s anything that gives Femdom a bad name, then it’s the time-waisting, demanding, ill-mannered and dishonest male species. You gave some money and you didn’t get what you’d hoped for. Don’t turn something like that into a personal crusade or a hatred campaign. It’s embarrassing, because it says everything about you, nothing about Her. Just pull yourself together and get over it.

      • Herby

        Hi Jan, thanks for the reply. Not on a crusade by no means. I think it’s my right
        as a paying customer to warn the public so this kind of business does not continue.
        Since this transactions are not monitored or guaranteed they are based on trust. An
        agreement was made via email and phone and one party did not fulfill their obligation.
        To me this is stealing, I think you would agree. Sure we’ve all been taken one way or
        another. The internet is a risky place, I knew that going in. What caused this hatred is
        I aided this person financially to continue her business on the net, I felt bad she
        had something stolen from her and helped to replace it, look what happened in return.
        Irony at its best. It’s going to be very difficult to do anymore business on the net
        for awhile. It’s a shame I love the femdom world and there are some wonderful ladies
        out there that makes it all worthwhile.

        Take care and thank you again.

        • Thank you for the comment again, Herby. All I want to say is: you’re doing this to warn the public you say, but if anything, you’re warning the Ladies to stay away from you. Because when push comes to shove, you can be a man with a vengeance. Your harsh words tell the tale. Besides, one version of the truth is not necessarily the truth. Six, seven years ago there was a guy writing all kinds of ugly things on forums and blogs about a particular Lady. What he forgot to mention though, was the fact that he’d asked Her to marry him and that She’d turned him down. He also forgot to mention that, while calling Her a liar, a thief and much worse on the Internet, he was still stalking Her. I’m not saying you did something awkward like that, all I’m saying is that none of us can simply take your words for granted. Truth doesn’t work that way.
          Whatever the circumstances, I hold my head up high and will always be a submissive gentleman. At all costs, if needed. Your’e different, you want to be heard and you’re seeking revenge. Even if you are right in everything; it’s not what we do. It’s embarrassing. Just let it go, Herby, it’s not worth it. Be proud for helping Her out, be dignified, don’t let anger take that away from you. Take care of yourself. ok?

    • Thank you very much for the info, it’s much appreciated! I’ll update the post.
      Do you happen to know if Goddess Lana has Her own website as well? She’s so stunningly beautiful and I truly love Her movies.

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